Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A tisket a tasket a green,purple and pink basket!

Thought I would share a Thrift Store find of mine. These awesome little baskets were super cheap, like a few quarters cheap. Not fond of the colors! But nothing a can of spray paint can't fix...love that line!
Wanted some organization in our office. There's always a his/her and other pile...so, as you can see, I spray painted them black, added a tag made out of a brown paper grocery bag, tied w/twine....

and now our his/hers and other piles are stylishly organized! (sorry for the poor lighting)

I think I just might link these up somewhere like:

Trash to Treasure Tuesdays at http://www.reinventedkb.com/


  1. Love them! What a great idea. The tags are really cute.


  2. Love how you added the tags...cute idea! Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Love this!! They look wonderful.

  4. They look great! Love the added tags! :)

  5. LOVE the baskets! I have a small obsession with metal baskets, and these are fabulous! Great job...there just isn't anything better than a thrift store find turned treasure, now is there?? ~mary~

  6. These are fabulous - and the tags are perfect. What a great find. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for metal trays I can paint.


  7. I love these and I am sorry to say that i would have passed them by because of the icky colors, but now, I am on the hunt!!! Thanks for sharing, Sue

  8. Who knew those baskets could end up so cute? Well...obviously you did. I love those little tags! Thanks for linking up to my party!

  9. so simple, but very very stylish. I love the twine, such a little touch that makes it perfect.