Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Home made Christmas gift...inexpensive personalized magnets!

Well, I promised I'd post the other half of my homemade Christmas gift (from my previous post) with the help of my daughter! She wanted to be included in the exchange and these proved to be just the right thing for her.
She is a skater...and finding 'skater' things is kind of hard. I know you wouldn't think so, but it is. But, much to my surprise this cute little wrapping paper was a the Dollar Store. For? a dollar!
If you look really close you can see the cute. And, the perfect size for this project.

I'm not going to give a step by step....1)because i'm not good at it and 2) you ladies are clever enough to figure this simple project out! I know you are!
I collected the paper. You can use any paper w/any design on it. You'll see at the end the scrapbook paper we picked out to go with the aprons in a previous post. I don't recommend printing anything from your runs! Trust me....I know.

Basically you trace your image w/the glass bead. (I think that is what they are called). I found these at Hobby Lobby. They are a little on the larger side. You use Elmers glue to apply your image to the back side of the stone. Once it dries (it will dry clear) you can hot glue magnets to the back.

These are the papers we chose. They're fun and they match everyone's kitchens (and aprons).
And, everyone got a bonus pair of ice skate magnets, from my daughter (the skater).

The best part.....they cost about 20 cents to make. (her friends and teachers will be getting the skate one's for sure!)

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Homemade Christmas Gifts using Thrift Store Towels

Every year, my family gets together at celebrate Christmas. Sounds odd to some, but it works for us and our scattered about growing family. And, like many families, we enjoy the homemade gift giving that the season brings out in us. Well, the ladies in the family do anyway. The guys still enjoy the ever so funny 'white elephant' exchange.

I usually do a 'new' homemade gift, if that makes sense. But, since I love my thrift shopping (and my family loves a good buy too) I thought why not combine the two.

This past summer I picked up these kitchen towels w/these cute fork and spoons on them. (each of us sisters has a pair in our kitchens) so I thought....perfect! I mean really, how cute are these? I so don't want to give them away. Anyway, I was a few short so this weekend I went back to Goodwill to see what other towels I could find. And that's when I found the multi-colored towels w/the ball fringe. Let me add, I love the towels that are made of something other than terry cloth. Not sure what it is called, but I think that they're not really good as a towel, but super cute for something else. You can find them in cute styles and most people use them as decor so when they're at Goodwill, they're in pretty good shape.
Let, me insert the price here.....the spoon, fork and knives towels....3 for $1.00 and the multi-colored (still w/the Target tags on them)....99 cents....except when it's the color of the day.....yes....50 cents each! I got all 5 of them!
So, when I got these I thought why not add some ribbon and ball fringe (to those that didn't already have it) and make aprons!

The hardest part of this project....picking the ribbon. No joke! But, this is what I came home with. The ribbon can get expensive...I didn't plan ahead very well on this one, but hey the towels were cheap!

I used Liquid Stitch to adhere the ribbon to the towels. The ball fringe was too tiny to sew (for me anyway) and all the different colors meant different thread Liquid Stitch it was!

Here's a few pics of the coordinating....This ribbon was meant for this towel!

These are pictures of the pins holding the ribbon in place while the glue is drying...

These are the finished products....

I have 3 of these....

This one is for a child so I added the ribbon around the neck so it's a full coverage apron...

So now, blog friends, don't pass up this section of Goodwill....super cheap and cute and practical homemade Christmas gifts.
(My 10 year old daughter has her homemade gift as well that matches...I'll post later on that.)Have a happy day!
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Elvis has left the building!

The parade is done. The parade is done! So excited to be ALL done w/this thing! I am such a perfectionist....and well, sometimes that tends to get in the way of actually enjoying an event!

I think I told you, in a previous post, that our theme for the skating season is Viva Las Kicks. The theme for the parade was Deck the Halls. So we put a spin on the words and went with the Vegas theme....'deck'ing our halls w/our Elvis deer head, cards and bling. Lots of bling! Like glitter stuck in my carpet bling!

Although I was primarily responsible for pulling it all together. My main project was the fireplace. My husband built it and I painted it. I like painting this sort of thing.

So here are a few pictures that I've been able to gather over the last hour from my friends on facebook:

A close up of our Elvis deer head...

And this is WHY I do it....The third one in from the left is my little skater!

and this is a silly picture of them in their showgirl dresses (mine is 2nd from left w/her eyes crossed).
Now, on to the next project.....never a dull moment!
Thank yeh, thank yeh very much!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A tisket a tasket a green,purple and pink basket!

Thought I would share a Thrift Store find of mine. These awesome little baskets were super cheap, like a few quarters cheap. Not fond of the colors! But nothing a can of spray paint can't that line!
Wanted some organization in our office. There's always a his/her and other, as you can see, I spray painted them black, added a tag made out of a brown paper grocery bag, tied w/twine....

and now our his/hers and other piles are stylishly organized! (sorry for the poor lighting)

I think I just might link these up somewhere like:

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Decking my halls w/ the Parade Float

Remember, I was building a parade float for my daughters ice skating team? Well, next week this time...the parade will have come and gone! Then, I can get back to reading blogs, getting decorating ideas, working on projects and then blogging about them. I'm SO excited, I can hardly wait!
Anyway, here are a few pictures of what i've been up to~

These are glittered~

These will be dice~ tonights project~
I fauxed this fireplace (my husband built it)~I like how it turned out.

Here's hoping it doesn't rain on my parade....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sshhh! Can we say curbside find?

Look what I found curbside... SSShhhh! Don't tell the husband. Oh come on now, we've all done it! right? Hidden what we deam a worthy makeover piece. I guess I'm attracted to things like this maybe because I've got 2 houses to decorate. Our home and then our lake cottage. So, I'm not too picky! It gets better too....wait for it....Haha! sometimes, I just have to laugh at myself even! Yes, it's a broken leg. But, seriously, I'm thinking of cutting the legs down, throwing a pillow on it, covering it w/fabric and calling it an ottoman. I'll probably use faux fur and take it to the cottage! I suppose you'll have to wait and see what I do with it....if I can remember where I hide it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Going with the!

Did I mention....that I'm building a float for our local Christmas parade? Yeah, still trying to figure out how I got roped into it myself. Seriously, I'm happy to do it...I am! But, it's in 14 days...and I was asked 2 days ago....yeah, see what I mean?
I can't tell you how overwhelmed I am!! Can you hear me screaming? I've done lots of things, built a moon for the carnival, made a 9ft rocket, made mini dog houses for our school mascot "wolves", made a jail, lots of fun and intersting things...but I've never built a float!

This is what I have so far....a big 'ol pile in my back hall...(thanks to the Dollar Store).

The theme of the parade is "Deck the Halls". The group I'm doing this for (my daughters Synchronized Ice Skating team) has their theme for the season of "Viva Las KICKS" (skating to vegas show tunes)....get the connection? I'm try'n....

So, if you don't see me much...I'll probably have had to take a break from my beloved blogs (so sad) least until these piles are cleaned up and the float is way on it's way down the parade route!
I'll update...I'll try (somewhere between midnight and five). I will! But, for now, I'll just be going with the!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Out with the Old and in with the....old?

Most everyone has a memory board. I use mine everyday as a way to stay organized. Easy access to gift cards, library cards, field trip reminders, even as a trophy holder (note the cross country ribbon). I hung it by the back door (above the hooks) at our old house. In this house it hangs in our cubby area. I made this one many moons ago! To me, it's just losing it's appeal. So out with the old, I say....

and in with the old....huh?

This is an old cork board that my son no longer wanted in his room at this house. So, I claimed it! or should I say re-claimed it?
I spray painted it black, covered it in burlap (love this super texture filled, not to mention cheap, fabric). Used ribbon to make the criss-crosses. Bought some really cool and decorative (they have crowns on them) push pins at Hobby Lobby (clearance...) Walmart (they're on there) has cute ones too!
Then I placed it in the same spot (turned lengthwise) as the other one. Placed some pillows (since I made new ones in another room....another post) on the bench. (There's another post waiting to happen regarding the photo on the board, too).
Out with the old....and in the old!