Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Long Lost Treasure

I've mentioned before and I'll say it again....I LOVE junk stores. I love the art of the search or the search for the art in this case.

A few years ago....yes, a few years ago, my sister and I spent the day junking. We try to hit as many thrift stores we can in a day. On this day, she took me to the 'new' thrift store in town. It was run by a church and was filled with all kinds of 'treasures'. This particular treasure I spotted from a far...and I remember my sister did too AT THE EXACT SAME TIME! We ran over and pushed some others aside and there it was....

Now, it may not seem like much of a treasure to you, but to us.....well. You see, this picture was done in my dad!!
We recognized the style of picture and knew right away! Being from Indiana he drew alot of covered bridges. There are a lot where I grew up! Since our move to Wisconsin, this picture has double meaning. It being drawn by my dad and it being of a covered bridge.
In the move, the glass did get broken. So, I've taken the time to search my local thrift store for a frame. I painted it out and added the mat. The mat is from Walmart for less than $5! It is chair webbing. I love the texture and the color....
I love this Long Lost Treasure!

Funky junk interiors at:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

inventing? sure.

Okay. So after spending WAY too many hours on blog land and finding way too many fun projects to add to my list of home decor, I decided to try to be productive. Meaning...making money to afford these projects. I think you know that I'm in the 'middle' of developing a product. A real, marketable, product. I was so tired last night (from blogging too long, that's the only thing I did) that I curled up on the couch and watched Entreprenuers on MSNBC (i think it was). Sara Blakely from Spanx was on. That was enough to turn my wheels yet again! "Herstory" is so inspiring! You can check 'herstory' out here: She was told NO for 2 years straight. Can you imagine? Yes, I can actually.

So today, after my zumba class and reading my blogs (they're like a daily newspaper, but filled w/happy stuff), I once again proceed forward w/this product of mine.

I've been told by many 'men' no, but recently have been told by 1 that he will be calling. We've been playing this phone tag game and I'm gonna win! Yes, I'm being persistent!

I'm not 100% sure what I'm gonna say when he does finally call, but seriously...I've got to make money for my projects!

Friday, October 16, 2009

BOO pillow...EEK!

My friends and family have been telling me how cute these pillows are and I can't tell you how super easy and cheap they were to make!

A few years back, when I wanted to slipcover my couch shabby chic white, I bought a bolt of cotton duck fabric at Walmart for so cheap (like $1 a yard cheap). I wouldn't have bought it otherwise, believe me.
Because the fabric is white AND I wanted to do something with all this fabric (our new house has no white...change in decor=left over fabric) I proceeded to 'coffee stain' it. I cut my fabric squares out...brewed a pot of coffee and let them sit over night in the sink. The next morning I washed and dried the squares, which by the way left the edges really rough...which I loved for this project. So don't be tempted to trim them off!

I visited Martha's know Martha Stewart, Queen of Halloween? Copied her spooky lettering and just transferred them over to my squares. I then used a sharpie (way too impatient to use paint and let it dry) to color in the letters!

I then sewed the squares with the 'insides' together, no turning inside out here, so that the rough edges would be the edge of the pillow. I also used black thread for a pop of color!

That's how I did it! Super easy, Super cheap! EEK!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Decor

Well, I finally got around to decorating for Halloween. My kids have been asking me to for years...haha. Yes, as in years past, I usually do the pumpkins and mums and that's about it. I've been collecting 'ideas' for years and this year I think I may have pulled it together a little.
I worked most of the day yesterday putting it together and put some 'finishing' touches on it yet today (the eek and boo pillows and the bats around the door). As with many of my projects...I'll probably still add to it (I have right up until the 31st, right?). If you hadn't noticed, there is not 1 pumpkin, but I'd like to get a few white ones. A girl, can only do so much. So, take a look....if you dare!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Coffee 'pick me up!'

I love the smell of coffee! Something about it just warms the place up. Here's a little something that I added to my dining table so that I can enjoy that smell all day long (and still be able to sleep at night).

I used a pound of whole bean Vanilla Hazlenut coffee in my jars, but you could use any flavor you'd like! There are a ton of choices at the grocery these days.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome to the North Shores!

I've passed this sign for at least 7 years on our way to our cottage. Maybe passing is not the best way to describe it. It is actually the last thing we see as we make our way down our drive. It's got everyone's 'name sign' dangling off each side, so you know which side of the 'fork' to take.
I've been pondering whether I should frame the picture (4x6) or blow it up or to replicate the middle portion on an old piece of plywood. Either way. I just LOVE the colors in it!
It's SO, well, welcoming!