Friday, October 16, 2009

BOO pillow...EEK!

My friends and family have been telling me how cute these pillows are and I can't tell you how super easy and cheap they were to make!

A few years back, when I wanted to slipcover my couch shabby chic white, I bought a bolt of cotton duck fabric at Walmart for so cheap (like $1 a yard cheap). I wouldn't have bought it otherwise, believe me.
Because the fabric is white AND I wanted to do something with all this fabric (our new house has no white...change in decor=left over fabric) I proceeded to 'coffee stain' it. I cut my fabric squares out...brewed a pot of coffee and let them sit over night in the sink. The next morning I washed and dried the squares, which by the way left the edges really rough...which I loved for this project. So don't be tempted to trim them off!

I visited Martha's know Martha Stewart, Queen of Halloween? Copied her spooky lettering and just transferred them over to my squares. I then used a sharpie (way too impatient to use paint and let it dry) to color in the letters!

I then sewed the squares with the 'insides' together, no turning inside out here, so that the rough edges would be the edge of the pillow. I also used black thread for a pop of color!

That's how I did it! Super easy, Super cheap! EEK!


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  2. Fast, easy and cute! Have a great weekend!