Tuesday, October 20, 2009

inventing? sure.

Okay. So after spending WAY too many hours on blog land and finding way too many fun projects to add to my list of home decor, I decided to try to be productive. Meaning...making money to afford these projects. I think you know that I'm in the 'middle' of developing a product. A real, marketable, product. I was so tired last night (from blogging too long, that's the only thing I did) that I curled up on the couch and watched Entreprenuers on MSNBC (i think it was). Sara Blakely from Spanx was on. That was enough to turn my wheels yet again! "Herstory" is so inspiring! You can check 'herstory' out here: http://www.spanx.com/ She was told NO for 2 years straight. Can you imagine? Yes, I can actually.

So today, after my zumba class and reading my blogs (they're like a daily newspaper, but filled w/happy stuff), I once again proceed forward w/this product of mine.

I've been told by many 'men' no, but recently have been told by 1 that he will be calling. We've been playing this phone tag game and I'm gonna win! Yes, I'm being persistent!

I'm not 100% sure what I'm gonna say when he does finally call, but seriously...I've got to make money for my projects!

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  1. I've just spent a little time reading all of your posts! I really enjoyed them and have become a stalker/follower, lol. I live in Indiana, southern part down by Cincinnati. I love to junk store it also, I'd love for you to stop by sometime, my blog is always open! Have a great weekend! Sue