Wednesday, March 31, 2010

0 calorie Chocolate Bunny

I have spent the last several months in "Boot Camp." Fitness Boot Camp....and the holidays are just torture! The sweets, the candy...I want it ALL!

Now, I've been good(10lbs lost to date)....I haven't given in (much) ;)
So, in place of that milk chocolate easter bunny....and the desire to make those 'faux' chocolate bunnies I saw Martha make using plaster here: (And although hers are cute, I just didn't want to go through all that work mixing plaster and letting it dry, popping it out of the mold....) I thought I'd give it a taste after finding this sad looking bunny at the St. Vincent DePaul store for 75 cents!

A few coats of chocolate spray paint and a lot less calories later.
De-Lish! Happy Easter Friends!

Now go resucue some bunnies....

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pottery Barn Inpsired

I had this piece for many many years.

I found it in an "Antique Barn", you know the kind of place....where you dig and dig through someone's junk basically. It started out red, white and blue...and looks like termites got a hold of it. But, I loved it!

I, too, have painted it many colors and have displayed it different ways.

But, when I saw this picture....I knew what it was to become next!

Pottery Barn

I've got a few glass jars, but not a collection like pictured (yet). I was at an indoor flea market a few weeks ago and saw some just like the ones in the picture. I passed on them because I thought $20 was a bit much for 5 jars. But, when I looked in the PB Catalog they wanted $38 (just for the jars)! I know, I should've gotten them. I'll go back and ck...but for now...this is my PB inspired piece!

I'm patiently waiting for my flowers to spring.....and the sun to shine!
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Alive and well, working on projects

Hi friends! Guess who's alive and!! I've been busy getting projects done, so that I (me) has something to link once in a while. There's nothing more sad than a linky party passing you by. So, I logged off the computer for a few days ('cuz there are so many talented people out there in blog land) and am diving into my project piles.
I've been working on curtains for the 'cabbage'. That's cottage/cabin...
I've been working on them for awhile (it's really hard to work on them at the cabbage, but even harder to work on them away from the cabbage. The whole measure twice, cut once thing). I almost had these done when...I ran out of trim. The role said 9ft...I needed 6 yds. duh?!
I'll post pictures of them when they're all done and hung!!! and no, your eyes are not going crazy, pictures were taken at both houses!
So far, they're turning out awesome...and believe me there is a story behind these curtains. So be sure to check back!

When I ran out of trim...I completed this project! You can see the story in a previous post here
Have a great day...and happy projecting!