Friday, November 6, 2009

Going with the!

Did I mention....that I'm building a float for our local Christmas parade? Yeah, still trying to figure out how I got roped into it myself. Seriously, I'm happy to do it...I am! But, it's in 14 days...and I was asked 2 days ago....yeah, see what I mean?
I can't tell you how overwhelmed I am!! Can you hear me screaming? I've done lots of things, built a moon for the carnival, made a 9ft rocket, made mini dog houses for our school mascot "wolves", made a jail, lots of fun and intersting things...but I've never built a float!

This is what I have so far....a big 'ol pile in my back hall...(thanks to the Dollar Store).

The theme of the parade is "Deck the Halls". The group I'm doing this for (my daughters Synchronized Ice Skating team) has their theme for the season of "Viva Las KICKS" (skating to vegas show tunes)....get the connection? I'm try'n....

So, if you don't see me much...I'll probably have had to take a break from my beloved blogs (so sad) least until these piles are cleaned up and the float is way on it's way down the parade route!
I'll update...I'll try (somewhere between midnight and five). I will! But, for now, I'll just be going with the!

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