Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Homemade Christmas Gifts using Thrift Store Towels

Every year, my family gets together at Thanksgiving....to celebrate Christmas. Sounds odd to some, but it works for us and our scattered about growing family. And, like many families, we enjoy the homemade gift giving that the season brings out in us. Well, the ladies in the family do anyway. The guys still enjoy the ever so funny 'white elephant' exchange.

I usually do a 'new' homemade gift, if that makes sense. But, since I love my thrift shopping (and my family loves a good buy too) I thought why not combine the two.

This past summer I picked up these kitchen towels w/these cute fork and spoons on them. (each of us sisters has a pair in our kitchens) so I thought....perfect! I mean really, how cute are these? I so don't want to give them away. Anyway, I was a few short so this weekend I went back to Goodwill to see what other towels I could find. And that's when I found the multi-colored towels w/the ball fringe. Let me add, I love the towels that are made of something other than terry cloth. Not sure what it is called, but I think that they're not really good as a towel, but super cute for something else. You can find them in cute styles and most people use them as decor so when they're at Goodwill, they're in pretty good shape.
Let, me insert the price here.....the spoon, fork and knives towels....3 for $1.00 and the multi-colored (still w/the Target tags on them)....99 cents....except when it's the color of the day.....yes....50 cents each! I got all 5 of them!
So, when I got these I thought why not add some ribbon and ball fringe (to those that didn't already have it) and make aprons!

The hardest part of this project....picking the ribbon. No joke! But, this is what I came home with. The ribbon can get expensive...I didn't plan ahead very well on this one, but hey the towels were cheap!

I used Liquid Stitch to adhere the ribbon to the towels. The ball fringe was too tiny to sew (for me anyway) and all the different colors meant different thread colors....so Liquid Stitch it was!

Here's a few pics of the coordinating....This ribbon was meant for this towel!

These are pictures of the pins holding the ribbon in place while the glue is drying...

These are the finished products....

I have 3 of these....

This one is for a child so I added the ribbon around the neck so it's a full coverage apron...

So now, blog friends, don't pass up this section of Goodwill....super cheap and cute and practical homemade Christmas gifts.
(My 10 year old daughter has her homemade gift as well that matches...I'll post later on that.)Have a happy day!
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  1. This is really cute. I made an apron similar to it when I was in Girl Scouts many, many moons ago!

  2. Just adorable! Bloggers have to be the most clever women in the world! Thanks for sharing, Sue

  3. Now this is just too cute...love your idea! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


  4. Adorable! Our Target stores regularly donate unsold clearance items to our Goodwill stores too. I got a great Target brass bowl that I use as a dog toybox thgat I got new and super cheap at Goodwill that way.

  5. clever, creative, adorable! thanks for the tips!
    Happy Thanksgiving

  6. These turned out so cute. How lucky to find all those pretty towels!

  7. pk @ Room Remix
    These are adorable and I LOVE the colors! Have a good weekend...

  8. Popping over from finding fabulous--love these. I am hosting my first linky party and would love it if you joined me.

  9. So cute! I'm going to make a bunch of these. Well, after I find the towels. I love the ribbon too.

  10. Just dropping by from Finding Fabulous - Love , Love, Love these! I am not a super crafter - yet, but I think I could manage these!

  11. That is such a cute idea. Cheap and super cute.

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