Saturday, November 21, 2009

Elvis has left the building!

The parade is done. The parade is done! So excited to be ALL done w/this thing! I am such a perfectionist....and well, sometimes that tends to get in the way of actually enjoying an event!

I think I told you, in a previous post, that our theme for the skating season is Viva Las Kicks. The theme for the parade was Deck the Halls. So we put a spin on the words and went with the Vegas theme....'deck'ing our halls w/our Elvis deer head, cards and bling. Lots of bling! Like glitter stuck in my carpet bling!

Although I was primarily responsible for pulling it all together. My main project was the fireplace. My husband built it and I painted it. I like painting this sort of thing.

So here are a few pictures that I've been able to gather over the last hour from my friends on facebook:

A close up of our Elvis deer head...

And this is WHY I do it....The third one in from the left is my little skater!

and this is a silly picture of them in their showgirl dresses (mine is 2nd from left w/her eyes crossed).
Now, on to the next project.....never a dull moment!
Thank yeh, thank yeh very much!

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