Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big 'ol confession!

I have a confession....It's not like an Oprah confession or anything, but i'm still not proud of it.  I just needed to do it! I need someone else!! I needed validated! So, I interior decorator! And it felt GREAT!!

If you look through my House Tour Post, you'll see I've been contemplating this not so new anymore house.
I've got SO many ideas circling through my brain 24/7! But, I always hesitate...doubt myself. I let fear hold me back! What if I spend this money or time on something and it's all wrong!
Well, I was validated! And the best front of the hubby! Every piece of 'junk' I brought home and had envisioned a certain way or in a certain place was validated!! YEAH!!!
So, I've been in the process over the last 6 months or so of implementing my visions!
I've got a lot of Before's (my to-do list grows everyday) and not so many After's. But I've been trying to get a project done a week and still manage to blog about it, keep up with my part-time turned full-time job, take care of my newly diagnosed diabetic daughter, and manage 2 kids and their never ending activities!
I will do my very best to show you the AFTER's, But I'll also show you some BEFORE's (those are the one's w/out the AFTER's waiting to be done, I've got a ton).
Let's start with one now, shall we: 
The "decorator" suggested I place a chalkboard over this Bombay chest in our kitchen.

Well, I said "Great...I've got a ton of frames in the basement. I'll paint and make one."  So, off we went to the basement to pick out the perfect frame. Now, I love over sized furnishings and yet none of my frames seem to be large enough...according to the 'decorator'. So, it's been on my mind/list to have my eyes open for an extremely large gi-normous!! it is! (the Bombay chest is behind it, for now)

As you can see by the's almost as large as my 11 year old! Seriously!
( I LOVE HER-the 11 year old!!)
I think it was a mirror that broke and it was super cheap at Hobby Lobby as is. But, I've been searching high and low for good details and something the decorator thought would work!

The bad thing is....this is a BEFORE photo and the AFTER goes on my to-do list! Another project for when the snow melts and the sun shines! But I do LOVE it!!
We've changed furniture, we've painted, we've switched out lighting, we have done a ton,
so stay tuned to other 'decorator' suggestions that are slowly being implemented...


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  1. That will look great as a chalkboard! I have a large one that I found for free in my kitchen {it was already a chalkboard ~ someone was throwing it out}. I'm glad to hear you are trusting yourself and putting your plans into action!