Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine Scarf Wreath

I always find it hard to decorate for Valentine's Day.

The decorations usually come in bright reds and pinks mixed with roses and carnations, And although I like those just doesn't seem to fit in to the 'season'.
 Its cold, snowy and gloomy here in northern Wisconsin....So, I'm thinking cozy, warm, fuzzy still!

Well, on a recent trip to Goodwill I found myself drawn to these scarves in various colors of pink.  

I was thinking that the warm and cozy scarves would still be 'wintery' and yet the pink would be bright and cheerful and that these would fit into the Valentine's Day theme. For $1.99 each I decided I'd make a Valentine's wreath fit for winter!

For one wreath, I took a coat hanger and shaped it into a heart. For the other wreath I used picture wire.

I simply 'threaded' the wire through the fabric. (We can actually use these as scarves some day!)
and duct taped the ends of the wire together.

 And now I have a warm and fuzzy wintery Valentine's Day wreath!


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  1. Very cute, I love it! I found when I was just at our Goodwill that it looks like they are putting all the same colors together now, which makes it look a little better {or maybe they think they can charge more}. It certainly makes it easier to look for pink, red or whatever color you fancy.

  2. Oh my, look at those, so beautiful!!!!!
    I hope you are doing well!
    Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!

  3. What a super creative idea! You were definitely thinking out of the box on this one - love it!