Thursday, February 18, 2010

A House Tour

So I was reading Danielle's post @ Transforming Home a few days back where she talks about her experience at Rate My Space. She says it's a tough crowd and loves the crowd here on blogland much better. She has since opened up her home for tour on her blog and has invited all of us to join her.
Now, if you caught my title "A house tour" it was really a play on words. Yes, I have a house, but it doesn't quite seem like a home yet. Not worthy of the words "A home tour". Moving last year into this house has been a challenge for my creativy and decorating desires. We loved the house when we moved in, it was a show home afterall. It is very tuscan, which I do love. The faux painting, the high ceiling, the windows. How cool? Well, it is....but it's challenging when it seems like it's one gigantic room. Take a look at my house and you'll see what I mean. (sorry for the is sunny here today and sorry about the clutter, i'm so un-inspired I can't even clean!)

Visit my page again...I just may have completed a project! If I can get inspired that is!
Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated!
Here is a look at my foyer area: A huge massive wall on the right that connect to the other massive wall in the living room.
This door leads to our office. The open stair case leads down stairs.
This is the office. I don't like the color of the walls, the fact that the walls are not squared meaning the walls are shapped like the ceiling, I don't like the blinds, I don't like the color of the faux finish, I don't like the niches. I don't like the carpet. Hmmm....sounds like a project!
This is a look from the foyer area looking down the hall to the master bath with the powder room door to the right. The open stairs to go downstairs. Another niche and a curved ceiling. Both faux painted!
In the hall by the powder room looking back to the gigantic wall with living room on the right. The curved doorway leads to another bath and 2 bedrooms to each side.
Bad picture looking into living room and dining area.
The living room with its gigantic fireplace
I'm standing near the powder room looking through the kitchen into the dining area. I hate the shape of these ceilings. The walls are faux painted and so is the ceiling.
This is in the hall by the powder room near the back entry
This is the powder room. Again, faux painted. But's it is my favorite in the house!
The master beadroom in progress. Another tray ceiling! Faux painted.
The curtains to be sewn and hung! The rods are up though!
Seriously looking for wood furniture pieces on craigs list as this is my night stand!
A look into the master bath. More curved ceilings!
Well, there it is....can you tell I've got work to do!
Thanks Danielle for making me put it all out there!!!


  1. Beautiful! You are one lucky lady! Love the ceiling in your powder room. Did you faux paint that yourself!? Amazing! ~mary~

  2. You have such a beautiful home! I'm sure once you start painting and settling in you'll really love all of those interesting features. Do you like the colors of the faux finishes? Maybe you could pull a rich color from that... I can't wait to see your progress.

  3. Here from D's home tour - you are right it is a challenge to change all those little details, but the house itself is just GORGEOUS!

  4. Your home is beautiful! I love the powder room ceiling - it gives me some ideas. I also love your corner fireplace and all those high ceilings! There are a lot of things I want to change about my home as well, but I just add it all to "the list" - it will get done someday.

    Thanks so much for linking up!


  5. Such amazing architecture! And the ceiling details are incredible. Thanks for the tour!!


  6. Beautiful home!~ The faux painting is beautiful, I wish I where brave enough to do some in my home!

  7. That ceiling in the powder room is to die for! LOVE IT :o)

  8. You have some great architecture! We have giant tall ceilings, too, but no good shape. Our rooms are just like big boxes. You might start to like the weird shapes once you like the colors. Also, I love your curved office. It's such a unique feature and once you've redecorated it will feel warm and cozy. Me = seriously jealous.

    I love the metallic stamping in your bathroom. That's big in some upscale model homes in our area, too. So fun but I don't think I have the patience to do it myself. : )

    I have an idea for your long wall in your entry. You can break it up into different "zones". Hang some artwork or a mirror over your entry, then in the big wall space, maybe some family photos, or a cross collection {I noticed you have some} with a gallery feel? That way it'd feel less like a hallway and more a feature. Thanks for putting yourself out there! It's a great idea and I might have to try it, too! Perhaps if I show the world all my projects I'll be more likely to finish them. : )

  9. Your house is so gorgeous. It has so much style and character. Great job.

  10. Your house is gorgeous! I love all the detail and different angles. It really is lovely.
    THanks for stopping by my blog. I just finished painting my "new" bed black. You asked if I was going to share inspiration pics, and I am. Soon...

  11. Great home tour - wow those ceilings are amazing! I also love all of the little details throughout your lovely home.


  12. How nice to have interesting detail and some fabulous ceilings already in your home! I'm a fan of tray ceilings and I love the one in your bedroom.

  13. What a gorgeous home. You have done a fabulous job decorating it. It is simply beautiful. Thanks for letting us take a peek!

  14. I Love your house! It's just beautiful. My goodness painting all angles is going to be fun. Love the material for the drapes.