Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New to the land of BLOG!

I am 'new' to the land of Blog! I'm not sure how I ever got addicted to it, but I love everything about it. I love knowing that there are people just like me that like to express themselves through photography, creating, decorating, and then putting into words for people like me to read. I tried 'blogging' once before...not sure why I never got totally into it other than time! Last year this time, we moved from Indianapolis, IN to Green Bay, WI and it has been probably the hardest on me, being a stay at home mom. But, I'm thinking this is a great way for me to learn from other and for others (especially family and friends) to get a glimpse into our 'new' life and to see what "I've done with the place." This could be a great way for me to post pictures of my current projects and such....and yes, maybe it will put a fire under me to get those projects done so that I have something to post. So stay tuned, FAMILY and new found friends....and please feel free to share this blog w/others!

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