Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sparkly Sequened Headband (knock off/copy cat)

 I'm sure you've seen them all over the place!  
All of the teenage girls are wearing them (and my daughter is no different.)  
I'm talking about those sparkly sequened headbands. 
My daughter bought her first two at Claires for $7.50 each
and they only had 3 colors to choose from!  

Well, when I saw these, my first thought was...I can make these!
Heck, SHE could make these. 
I told her that the fabric store has a huge selection of this sequened ribbon
in every size and color and it cost a fraction of the price.
I took her to the fabric store, she made her selection and off we paid.

They are simply hot glued!! Super simple!! 
Honestly, it took longer for the glue gun to get hot than it did to make these!

Our version cost $1.75 each!! (no coupon even)

Can you tell which one is $7.50 from Claire's?
Didn't think so...
but, it's the gray/navy one!

She's planning to make and sell!


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  1. I have no idea with three boys, but I love the headband!
    Thanks for linking!

  2. What a price difference! Great idea to make them yourself and to have more of a color selection.