Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fish lamps on the fly!

Okay friends. I've been lurking....but I've been busy. Well, not too busy! but enough to call a project complete. It all started with a trip to Bass Pro Shop. My husband loves it! We have a cottage/cabin...I like to call the 'cabbage' and Bass Pro Shop gives me some great ideas. The kind of store you go in and you just know you can't buy it, but you can make it!

I found myself in the lamp department and was inspired by this shade followed by the thought "I can make that!" A little twine and christmas ornaments....that's what I'm talk'n about!
Here's the inspiration:

I remembered I had these lamps and shades in our basement. Not even the finished part of the basement, but the ready for the GW part of the basement. Not sure what I was thinking when I got may have been the buy 3 lamps for the price of 1 package deal you see so often.
(the floor lamp is not pictured)

So the lamps, virtually free...the Christmas ornaments...clearance! like a buck! So I bought a bunch. You never know when the urge to create for the cabbage might happen. So I bought, well, more than 3!

I did darken/distress them a bit with some burnt umber paint. Just a wash! Actually I did this to the wooden part of the lamp as well. While the fish were drying I added the twine around the top and bottom of the shade using Liquid Stitch. Love that stuff! Make sure to leave the twine longer on the top to hang the ornament from and to tie (just like the inspiration).

Don't you just LOVE?!

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  1. Great job! I love a project that mimics a pricey store bought item! Love it.

  2. Cute! I think I like them better than the pricey ones!

  3. Very clever idea. I don't hunt or fish, but I do like to walk through that store once in a while. They have some neat things.

  4. They match the chair very well!

    Thanks for linking up with Talented Tuesday at My Frugal Family!

  5. It is the perfect style for a rustic "cabbage"! Great job!

    Don't you love it when you see an idea and know "I can totally do that"! I love that feeling!

    Thanks for joining the party!

  6. They turned out great! I love the twine around the shade - a perfect touch with the fishies! You did a great job!

  7. What a great little project! They turned out so well, and doesn't it feel good when you make something so cute yourself?

  8. Great project!
    Looks fantastic. Love the fish. :)

  9. Who knew? Fish Christmas ornaments. They look much better on your lamps.

  10. What a cute idea for your "cabbage"!

  11. Very cute idea and it looks great in your room!

  12. What a great idea! We'll all be trying to figure out what we can do on our lamp shades now! ♥