Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Newly diagnosed & overwhelmed!

Hi friends:
I absolutely love reading everyone's blogs. I love the decorating ideas, I love the projects, and paint projects. I love not only reading these blogs but I love finding that inspiration and doing my own projects. Sadly, my projects have been slow going...I'm okay with that though! We've had a rough year in our household! And my energy has shifted to caregiver, fighter, fundraiser!
In August, my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It's not curable (right now), but it's treatable and do-able! BUT, for the newly diagnosed's exhausting! Blood tests, calculations, meal planning and more calculations, dr. appts, blood testing, field trips, middle of the night blood testing, writing everything you put in your mouth down, faxing meals and numbers weekly. Exhausting is an understatement! (and the year leading up to this worse...a lot of dr. appts and misdiagnosis that I won't go into). But we are so very grateful that we have answers now to what was a very long a confusing year leading up to this.
So, as you can, there's just not much time/energy to focus on the house like I'd like. I have found the time to read the blogs and do some changes and projects to our home. I just haven't found the time to edit pictures and write a blog about it! Someday soon! I love working on my home!
I haven't exactly been sitting around since August though. On top of her diagnosis:  I've managed a 'new' part time job, held the volunteer 'fundraiser' position for my daughters synchronized skating team (raising close to $20,000 pre-expenses);  painted a few rooms and pieces of furniture, trying to start a business, was Cara's Team captain for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walk. In which we raised close to $2000 ...and the list goes on.
In February, in the midst of skating season, I thought I was having a nervous breakdown.  A lot of traveling and skating and blood sugar lows and highs. But, now I'm rested and am adding to my above list: Board Member of my daughters skating club!
I really thought I was failing on so many levels, but now that I see it in!! Thank you Lord for giving me strength!!
And thank you to my 39 readers for being patient with me. Sometimes I wonder when I haven't seen a blogger in a while, what's going on in their lives and pray that all is well!
Thank you for taking the time to read this...I really hope to be posting more often.
Love, Candace

Here's a few pictures I managed to upload.
JDRF Walk Team TShirt!!

Me, Cara and my mom

Some of our amazing friends who joined in the walk!!

KICKS Synchronized Skating Team-1st Place!! (Cara 2nd row, left leaning over)

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